About Us

Kelsey Media is one of the fastest growing media businesses in the UK. Founded more than 30 years ago, the independently owned publisher has rapidly grown from a traditional print publisher into a pioneering media network that reaches millions of people every day in ways that are relevant to them. At last count, Kelsey Media’s portfolio consisted of more than 60 multi-media brands.

The organisation is continually adapting to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its audience. Cutting edge online platforms that support highly engaged communities, apps and events that bring brands and their loyal communities to life, are a growing part of the business.

Kelsey Media also owns and runs a number of high profile events, which attracted in excess of 100,000 visitors in 2017. These events compliment and further strengthen the organisation’s portfolio in the Performance Motoring, Classic Motoring, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Specialist sectors. And, there promises to be many more exciting events to come in 2022.

What remains at the core of Kelsey Media is delivering exceptional, entertaining and trusted content to audiences in ways that are most relevant to them..

Kelsey Publishing Ltd. Registered no. 02387149.